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  • Internal financial statements review
  • Business plan projections
  • Department or division budgets
  • Profit & Loss, balance sheet, and cash flow forecasting

  • Product and productivity performance analysis

  • What-if scenarios


How well do you know your numbers?

How often do you see your financials?

How much do you trust your data?

How accurate are your metrics?

How efficient are your systems?


 PURPLE SUN  team  of experienced bookkeepers, data consultants, CPAs, and CFOs is ready to tackle your informational challenges. From setting up the systems, to preparing your financials, to high-level overview and advisory provisions, to training and supervising your staff, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the deep waters of the data ocean.

  • Daily, weekly, or monthly data entry

  • Bank and credit card reconciliations

  • General ledger

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Invoicing and billing

  • Payroll reporting

  • Financial statement preparation


  • Systems and control setup

  • Processes, workflow, and procedures design and recording

  • Accounting software implementation

  • Integration of cloud/desktop industry-specific software with common accounting solutions

  • External financial statements review

  • Compilation

  • SEC-quality financial reporting with complete footnote disclosures

  • Internal audit

  • Technical accounting advisory

  • Financial representation (bankers, investors, member boards, and external auditors)