Do you want to step up in your career?
Do you experience relationship issues?
Do you struggle with children or peers?
Do you feel unfulfilled?
Do you seek a change in your life?


PURPLE SUN TRAINED TEAM of open-minded and empathetic coaches is equipped to help you realize, face, and transform the limiting beliefs that prevent you from accessing the depth of your own wisdom in all areas of your life. Your coaching journey starts by establishing your intention and identifying  qualitative and quantitative criteria for outcome assessment. An in-depth facilitation using questions, exercises, and other coaching tools that will help you expand your shape, form, and capacity of thinking, feeling, and intuiting will follow. Intense reflection on the insights that arose during the coaching process and the creation of a SMART action plan complete your journey.

  • Career transition

  • New business venture or business role

  • Relocation and expat counseling

  • Changes in family dynamics (birth, death, etc.)

  • Relationship transition (marriage, divorce, break  up, etc.)

  • Relationship enhancement in existing partnerships

  • Personal or professional development

  • Back-to-school adjustment for graduate and postgraduate students

  • Search for meaning

  • Artist's or writers block