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How much do you believe in your people?

How vast is your employee turnover?

How loyal is your team?

How inspired or inspiring are your managers?

How proactive and self-reliant is your staff?


 PURPLE SUN  team  of experienced coaches and human resource consultants is excited to help you address any qualitative employee-related challenges your company may have. With our diverse arsenal of human potential development tools, skills, and exercises from various fields, such as NLP, managerial and executive coaching, psychodynamic group therapy, organizational behavior and assessments, and more, we are trained, prepared, and honored to help you and your employees bring growth, unity, and meaning into the workplace.

  • Company culture development and maintenance

  • Team building and bonding

  • Executive and high potential coaching

  • Organizational chart restructuring

  • Employee performance improvement

  • Peer-to-peer conflict resolution

  • Manager-to-subordinate relationship enhancement

  • Hiring and career transition counseling

  • Leadership advancement