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 PURPLE SUN  was founded in 2009 as a Controller/CFO consulting service for startup organizations.


Originally, we set out to assist young companies with accounting and system-related tasks and prepare them for a takeoff on an exponential growth trajectory. Over time, as we rocked the world of entrepreneurship with our clients and witnessed them reaching the sky, we recognized and addressed some other acute demands within the market, such as:

 - Serving as a sounding board for newly hired and seasoned executives and management in situations of uncertainty;

 - Aiding with strong brand and culture development and recognition;

 - Helping to connect with peers and employees in the most effective way; and

 - Guiding the design, implementation, and maintenance of efficient processes with long-lasting results.

Additionally, most of our clients have chosen to hire Millennials as their primary workforce due to their ability to work with innovative solutions, familiarity with modern technology solutions, quick adaptability, and cost efficiency for the company. We listened to our clients, trusted their wisdom, expanded our list of services, and tailored them with Millennial demographics in mind and heart.


Today,  PURPLE SUN  is a distinct coaching and consulting powerhouse, aimed at Millennials, that specializes in an array of services for individuals and organizations, including accounting, system/processes setup, procedures, and reporting; executive, managerial, and general employee development; organizational culture and structure implementation and maintenance; leadership, entrepreneurship, and artist advancement; and individual coaching.   


Thank you for the opportunity to serve you! Welcome to  PURPLE SUN  !