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PURPLE SUN IDEAL CLIENT is an executive, manager, employee, or founder, who is stuck, hit the ceiling, seeks growth, capable to communicate goals and desires, and is committed to take actions and risks, individually and on behalf of their companies.

PURPLE SUN MULTIPLE OFFERS are designed to help you, your organization, and your team members find and stay on the road to success. WE WANT TO SEE YOU FLY! 


Our individual and team coaching engagements, interactive workshops and webinars, accounting and reporting services, and custom culture and strategy solutions will be instrumental in assisting you with the specific challenges below.

  • Department productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, and performance 
  • Talent management
  • Organization culture and structure
  • Metrics use and analysis
  • Time management
  • Communicating expectations
  • Team development
  • Stress and mindfulness
  • Trust and delegation
  • Inspiration and guidance
  • Need for a sounding board
  • Leadership enhancement
  • Internal and external communication
  • Expectation management
  • Multi-project involvement
  • Individuality recovery
  • Empathetic leadership
  • 360 communication
  • Vision setting
(non-profit initiative)
  • Preservation of individuality
  • Creative block
  • Confidence and motivation
  • Focus on details and structure
  • Commercialization of artwork
  • Stress management
  • Clear goals and milestones
  • Personal life challenges
  • Disempowerment issues
  • Focus on big picture
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