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Crisis is a turning point and a transition stage in a sequence of events that brings an individual or entity to the next level.

Purple Sun House, your premier guides through the storm of your crisis, offers bespoke crisis-oriented coaching and consulting for individuals and organizations. We specialize in change management, development, mental well-being, and diagnostics. Shift from reactive to proactive, unlock your full potential, and emerge stronger. Explore our practical tools, individual and group sessions, and support opportunities. We promise emergence, not just survival. Time to craft your next-level self.

About Us

Purple Sun House began its journey in 2009, illuminating the path for budding companies as a Controller/CFO consulting service. Initially, we focused on accounting and system expertise, providing the tools and support for exponential growth.

However, our collaborative approach revealed a broader landscape of needs. We witnessed firsthand the unique challenges managers, executives, and entrepreneurs face beyond the numbers. They needed trusted advisors to navigate uncertain situations, build strong brands and cultures, foster effective communication, and streamline processes for long-term efficiency.


In response, Purple Sun House evolved, expanding our expertise beyond financial guidance. We became crisis navigators through the complexities of organizational development, offering a holistic range of services to empower individuals and organizations.


Today, we are a crisis-oriented coaching and consulting powerhouse. We utilize a multifaceted approach that combines efficient solutions with provocative short-term and holistic interventions. This unique blend encompasses existential analysis, coaching principles, NLP, storytelling, and more.

Our Audience

At Purple Sun House, we partner with forward-thinking executives, managers, and employees who find themselves at a crossroads, seeking growth, and are committed to taking decisive actions both individually and on behalf of their organizations. Whether you're feeling stuck, have hit a career ceiling, or are eager to communicate and achieve your goals, we're here to guide you on your journey to success.

Our Services

Individual & Executive Coaching 

Employees & Teams

Crisis-Oriented Workshops

Why People Love Us

"Executive coaching for over a year was an incredible experience not only to work on a career/business level but on personal development as well. The coach is an impressive business strategist and a great out of the box thinker. i would totally recommend Elena to anyone looking to challenge and push themselves to the next level.”



" I worked with Purple Sun executive coach in 2016. She helped me to refocus my efforts on creating a better work-life balance and create energy for finding and pursuing new opportunities for professional growth. She has a unique method that combines the journey of self-discovery, professional growth and personal enlightenment pursuit.

Her toolkit allowed me to achieve the next level in my career and feel happier overall. the experience was very positive and flexible to accommodate any busy executive's schedule and constraints. ”

"Purple Sun coach has supported me in my job transition and helped me to define my work identity and reconcile work and family priorities. The coach gave me a courage to move on and to develop myself personally and professionally. The coach's multi-cultural background, warm personality and experience in coaching makes it easy to talk and to go through the change."



"I was working with Purple Sun House coach for half a year and she helped me to reshape my life completely. Even Ii overachieved in my career in sales all my goals which i wanted to achieve, unfortunately through this time I was not thinking to take care of my private human being. With her help I was able to make huge transition and I was able to put my personal life and professional life together in a healthy and powerful way. Thanks to her i am quite more happier and my professional career is going on even better. i can just absolutely recommend her!"


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