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Crisis-Oriented Workshops 

An engaging workshop for executives and top management. Dive deep into change models, theories, and strategies to master and lead change effectively. Explore resistance, novel concepts, and design bespoke change models tailored to your organization. Initiate, observe, and execute individualized change for organizational evolution.

The Anatomy Of Change Mastery 

Empower HR and OMD professionals with comprehensive tools for sustainable management, empathetic leadership, and employee mental health. Virtual workshops cover team dynamics, conflict resolution, and growth encouragement, featuring small group mentoring, coaching, and theoretical training.

Dynamic Team & Group Coaching Training

An immersive group coaching program for leaders in large organizations. This workshop fosters agility, strategic thinking, and creative problem-solving. Explore entrepreneurship facets and challenge traditional notions, enhancing top management's leadership capabilities.

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Mindset

For leaders and high potentials, this coaching program enhances creativity and innovation. Learn ideation strategies, navigate complex systems, and use sensory stimuli to spark groundbreaking ideas for organizational progress.

Join this dynamic two-module coaching program tailored or executives. Explore self-discovery, leadership values, effective communication, and navigate challenging scenarios to redefine and elevate your leadership.

Transformative Idea Generation
Lead In. Lead Out: The Path Of A Leader

Embark on a transformative journey with Purple Sun House's crisis-oriented workshops. These sessions are designed to make you a resilient leader, foster innovative thinking, and equip you with effective tools to navigate change. Beyond individual growth, the workshops contribute to creating inclusive, multicultural environments.

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