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Meet Elena Emma

Elena Emma, visionary founder of Purple Sun House, is a multifaceted professional with extensive experience in diverse fields, including HR, accounting, entrepreneurship, and higher education. With over 11 years of experience in coaching, Elena has served as an external coach for top executives, employees, teams, and external groups of advisors and investors. She has also held senior positions in accounting, including consulting Chief Financial Officer for fast-growth startups. As an entrepreneur, Elena has co-founded and managed a startup with a virtual team across three continents that has gained a $1.7 million investment.


Elena holds a Ph.D. in Management, an MS in Organizational and Executive Coaching, an MS in Accounting, and a BS in Finance (Minor Mathematics). She is also certified in short-term provocative therapy. In addition to her extensive professional background, Elena is an author of 6 books, a TedX speaker, and an adjunct professor and researcher for business schools, with 6 years of experience in higher education.

Elena's coaching style is intense, direct, open-hearted, creative, and deeply rooted in in-the-moment consciousness. She utilizes a variety of coaching techniques in an inclusive and interactive way and coaches fluently in. Her mission is to humanize organizations and bring out the best in people, fostering resilience, authenticity and sustainable change.

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