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1 SESSION                 €300

1 MONTH                 €2.199

SILVER                     €1.495

 GOLD                        €2.975

  • 5 sessions

  • 10 sessions

  • General overview session for HR manager.

 PLATINUM             €5.950

  • 20 sessions

  • Extensive overview/culture session for HR manager.

+VAT for EU clients

Here at Purple Sun House, we specialize in guiding organizations through crises while nurturing the growth of their teams and employees. From addressing diversity and inclusion challenges to resolving peer-to-peer conflicts and refining leadership skills, our coaching solutions address critical issues within the workplace. We prioritize optimizing team dynamics, facilitating leadership transitions, and boosting performance and productivity during challenging times.


Our group solutions encompass problem-based or guidance-based sessions, fostering team building and bonding, and providing customizable packages for group coaching tailored to your organization's unique needs. For immediate ongoing support for teams facing challenges, we offer the Coaching Hotline solution. The Coaching Hotline provides confidential group coaching sessions, ideal for addressing mental health concerns, fostering team bonding, and overcoming cross-departmental hurdles.

Employees & Team Coaching

Employee & Teams Coaching

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