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   1 SESSION                 € 315

-Stand-alone session 
      (not part of a package)

   1 MONTH                    € 2.190

-Pre-session / Post-session
-Up to 6 process sessions

   3 MONTHS                 € 3.975

-Pre-session / Post-session
-Up to 12 process sessions

   1 2 MONTHS            € 10.950

-Pre-session / Post-session
-Unlimited process sessions

+VAT for EU clients

Individual & Executive Coaching

In Purple Sun House, we specialize in individual and executive coaching designed to navigate crises head-on. We offer personalized support tailored to your unique challenges. Whether you're navigating a career transition, launching a new venture, or facing leadership style challenges, our experienced coaches are here to guide you towards your goals. We specialize in a range of areas including effective feedback and reflection, expat counseling, back-to-school adjustments, and addressing changes in family dynamics.

Our coaching approach is holistic, addressing not only professional challenges but also personal growth and well-being. From overcoming emotional and mental burnout to tackling limiting biases and beliefs, we're committed to helping you thrive in all aspects of life. Whether you're an executive seeking leadership development or an individual searching for purpose, let us support you on your journey towards fulfillment and success.

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